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My Location - We Show Your Current Location!

This My Location Apps (My Current Location) will detects Your Location (Your Current Location) and show it on Maps. This apps Show Your Latitude, Longitude, and Location Region Name.

IMPORTANT! This Apps need your Consent to Continue!!
Please click "ALLOW" or "SHARE LOCATION" to Continue. We'll detect your location.

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Please Note that this is Only an Estimated Location.
Got question? see our FAQ section below.

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Having Issue on Using This Website?

In Depth about My Current Location

Does The Maps not Showing?

If this is the first time you visit this site, You might be asked like this in Google Chrome :

google chrome request geolocation permission

Or like this if you are using Firefox :

firefox request geolocation permission

In Both or other similar Please Click ALLOW or anything like "Share Location" meaning if you are prompted like above. So that My Current Location could show you your current location.

If the maps and location data are not shown, It means you might be previously asked for share permission by your browser, but you accidentally choose disallow. You can revert this action by doing as follow :

On Firefox :

  1. Open : Menu - Preferences
  2. Click "Privacy and Security"
  3. Scroll Down on Section Permissions, Click Settings Button on row Location
  4. Change the status for this site ( to Allow.
  5. Refresh the Website

On Chrome

  1. Open : Menu - Setting
  2. Click on "Advanced" menu on the left sidebar.
  3. Click on "Privacy and Security", go to Site Setting,
  4. Click on Location, a list of Website will be shown.
  5. Please make sure that Our Website are NOT on the Blocked Section by clicking trash Icon / Delete from the list.
  6. Refresh the Website
Wrong Location Detected? (Poor Accuracy)

Did you think the detected location isn't correct? Did you see a very Poor Accuracy status? (over 100 m, marked with red)? That means, there are no location source with high accuracy available in your current device or network. This is likely happen if you use Laptop / PC with WiFi or Cable LAN Connection. See our faq section about How We Get Your Location for further technical detail.

However if you use Smartphone / cellular device and still encounter such poor accuracy, here are some tips you can try to improve the accuracy.

  1. Turn on your GPS / Location Service feature, wait few seconds, then try to refresh this Website.
  2. Goes to setting, and try to set location setting to be in High Accuracy, wait few seconds, then refresh this website.
  3. Already done two above and still get poor accuracy? Try go outside your building. On street, or rooftop, wait few seconds, then refresh this website.

Hopefully above steps could improve accuracy on your location. Please note that we don't encourage you to use this Website for any critical purpose. Use wisely. For further information, you can see our Disclaimer Page.

My Current Location is a Web Apps that detects your location using GeoLocation data provided by your browser. This web application is built using the latest web technology called HTML5 / w3C Geolocation. In Short, Geolocation is a way to locate your position on this earth, in form of coordinate (latitude, longitude), and also altitude if available.
How We Get Your Location Data?

Basically this web Apps is "just" asking your browser about its location. Yes, your browser is the one which "provide" Location Information. However, browser shouldn't give such private information to anyone right? So When you click "Allow", Your Browser (can be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, or anything) give your location in Coordinate (latitude and langitude) to our Web Apps. Our Web Apps then show it to maps, and find the relevant "Address Name" for thats coordinate.

Where My Location Data come from?

Basically, your Browser feature -Geolocation-, will try to determine your position using one of these several ways. These list, show the ordered devices about what Geolocation will give your location.

  1. GPS (Global Positioning System)
    This happen for smartphone / anything which has GPS inside. If you have smartphone with GPS capabilities and set to high accuracy mode, you'll likely to obtain the location data from this. GPS calculate location information from GPS satelite signal. It has the highest accuracy. In most Android smartphone, the accuracy can be up to 10 metres.
  2. Mobile Network Location
    This happen if you use a wireless modem or phone without GPS chip built in it. Rather than GPS satellite's signal, this one use signal from mobile provider. The accuracy may vary.
  3. WiFi Positioning System
    If you are indoor, and using Wifi, this is the likely you'll get. Some WiFi have location services capabilities, which able to obtain or save location data. If you're concern with this stuff, try accessing this website from laptop with your Wifi network. If you can get exact location with very good accuracy, then your WiFi might have such feature.
  4. IP Address Location
    This one will detects your location based on nearest Public IP Address on your devices, (can be your computer, or the router, or your ISP provider). Depend on the IP information available, but in many case, the public IP is often hidden behind Internet Service Provider NAT, resulting poor accuracy. This is the most often case for PC / laptop user which access internet from cable LAN, or WiFi without Geolocation capabilities. The accuracy is in level of city, region, or even country.
How Your Location Data is Used in This Website?

We don't save any of location data obtained by user. We guarantee to you that your location (latitude and longitude) are pnly used for these two following : (1) Get the relevant address name using Latitude and Longitude information, a process called Reverse Geocoding. and (2) Display your position on the maps. We don't collect and or save any of location related data here.

Users may still share their own location by clicking "Share Location" button, which will create special link format where user can share it with their own consent. And still, we don't save any of gathered location here.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Consent

As GDPR for Europe Economic Zone, we need to state this : site did not use cookies. We also did not save any of your browsing behaviour or data. However since use third party plugin, our partner may have their concern and policy on Cookies. You can view the disclosure here : Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Mapbox.

In Google Adsense, cookies is used to brought personalized Ads to better target ads related to your interest and behaviour. However, You may opt out of personalized advertising from Google Adsense by Visiting Ads Setting.

Google Analytics is used to collect basic visitor data about our Website. Mostly no personal behaviour is used or collected, and Data are anonymized. However you may see the Cookie Policy of Google Analytics Here.

Mapbox is used to serve maps API to your page. However most of their Policy Pages, are about the member (which actually is : me WMD developer) and not the end user of the maps (which is you). You can read it in here.