About My Current Location.net

Hello, I’m Toni, the creator of this My Current Location Website.

My Current Location is a website which will help you tells your location. We use a browser features named W3C Geolocation. Some called it HTML5 Geolocation although it is actually not a standard of HTML5 anyway. Only the technology come not long around the birth of HTML5, so many people include them anyway.

How It Works

To see how this technology works, see our page on How It Works!.

Privacy Concern

Don’t worry, We’re not NoSuchAgency of any country. How your location data is handled can be seen on our privacy policy page.

About Me

I live in Indonesia, a peaceful, religious, paradiso tropical country in southeast Asia. We have 5th largest population in the world, it means more population than Brazil and Mexico! (no offense). If you ever heard Bali, well Bali is a subset of Indonesia, so as you can think, there are a lot of “Bali” in Indonesia.