2020 was a thankful year!

We realize that our visitor mostly is people who travel a lot, and sometimes confuse about where they are located.

Yet, 2020 is a wonderful year for us!

it is Covid-19, and thanks to Allah, we all still alive till today. While some of our neighbors, friend, or acquaintance maybe didn’t make through 2020 due to Covid-19.

Stay safe dear readers!

We also realize that due to Covid-19, global travel are put into halt. So is our visitor. Yes, we realize it, and it also hard actually.

But, its fine, as long as you, readers, stay healthy, that’s the most important for us! Then its awesome. We will travel again one day or another, insya Allah!

Always put your mask when go outside, wash your hand, and keep distance from others. My best friends once said that these simple protocol might save someone’s live.

If it is not quite importance, it is better to stay at home. 🙂

Indonesia, 31st January 2021
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