4 years and Now I Need to Evolute

My Current Location isn’t my first website about Geolocation. There are some other which I sold to a guy. However, I actually build this site, but back then (unfortunately) left it for some years. Untiln in 2017 I choose to reactivate this Site again.

Today many things moves around us so fast. There are some people also build Geolocation website like this. Despite seeing them as competitor, I see them as helper for people. Why? I’ll tell you a story.

This is when my previous Geolocation Website is still mine. A few years ago, one guy sent us an email about why the site is Down. I checked the problem, it just an SSL problem for some browser which can be fixed in hours. However, what he told me is make me speechless.

He is an emergency operator in a remote state, kind of police who receive 911 calls. And he told me that sometimes when there are an emergency calls, e.g. Car accident, the operator ask them to open my website to see their Latitude and Longitude so that .

Reading that ‘testimony’ makes my heart blowns… – “Wait, are they really use my Website for such life critical thing?”

What if the information shown in the website mislead them? Its a mind buggling after then. However due some business, I can’t do much in improving My Current Location Website. Not until now, until I see some urgency in improving my Website.

So here’s what’s next. In one months, i will release a better improvised version of this Website. I tried to look some missing component, some not good responsive practice, and many other consideration (e.g. GDPR Cookies pop up for EU Zone country).

Hope that What I do can give better understanding, and better experience for people. Of course I can’t do this alone, I want to hear more from you, what features should be added or removed, or whatever it is. I want hear more from you.

Can’t wait for ones, just comment any suggestion to improve My Current Location Website.

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