DevNote : W3C Geolocation Still Pass Through Tunneling!

This is not the first time I Got this message. Showing how some user of the website “My Current Location” can be very ‘surprissing’.

Yes, the common way on how Geolocation works is using 4 elements, GPS if available…. Mobile Cellular positioning if available… then WiFi positioning if Available… and last by IP Address location.

However, some user reports to me that they are way behind those 4 location elements, and surprisingly the website still show the exact location. Today I got an email from the user. He said something which makes me thinking deep… on “How could so?” here is the screenshot of his email.

For those who know tunneling, it means that you are not ‘directly’ connected to where your are now, but instead there are such kind of ‘wormhole’. Say, you are in Paris, your office in Canada. You are tunneling your connection to your office. Other people on Internet should “see” you like you are in Canada, instead of Paris. However, based on our friend’s testimony, the tunneling location information seems to be ‘doesn’t care on tunneling’. So how could it be? I’ll post this to you later if I found another note.

Since my website actually request the location information from Browser, and the browser itself which search the location information… I wonder if there are next level of this Geolocation API. e.g. showing the source of location information.

Hmm… stay tuned… on this Geolocation Mystery… haha..

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