My Current Location, We’re back!

Its been more than a year since I built this site. A few things has happened. First of all. If this site previously use Google Maps for displaying Maps, now it changes to Mapbox for map API provider. Nothing else changed. The ability to detect location is still the same.

We also fix some features, like Get Coordinate from Maps which previously not working due to Migration on Google Maps. Now you can Access it. However, IP address based location still not working. We still working on it. And since Google discontinue their URL Shortener API ( by this March, so we need to move to somewhere else.

This app is still on heavy development. We still working on some bugs, and try to improve on User Interface.

We strongly suggest that you can take part in this project. Don’t hesitate to leave comment on any post on this blog. as long as it is not spam, we’ll happy to accept it.

Always add our site on your bookmark, press Ctrl+D to visit our site anytime!



    1. Hi, the reason are nothing in particular, Actually I prefer Google Maps, however, there’s something you’ll notice when the traffic becomes a bit peak when using Google Maps API. try to read their documentation.

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